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We Are Here

COVID-19 pandemic made everyone scared. When it hit the world in 2020, a lot of people lost their jobs and bought a lot of items from the stores. Almost everyone from average Joes to multi-billion businesses got affected.

The creators of this website were the ones who felt the impact of the pandemic also. That’s why they decided to do something about it.

Losing a job and business is not easy, but you have to turn the situation to your advantage. That’s why I Survived Coronavirus got created. This is a website that sells COVID-19-themed merchandise where designs are getting updated constantly as the situation evolves.

If you would like to learn more about the COVID-19, feel free to watch this video:

Meanwhile, let us explain what this little project is meant to do.

Help the Creators to Survive

The creators of this website do need money to pay the bills while their regular jobs are in the air. So, if you buy any products, it will help the folks who do the designs and support the website to basically put the food on their tables.

It is very important!

Create Jobs

This business works in a dropshipping style. It means that the owners don’t hold the actual products, but they are being made on-demand when you are purchasing something. That’s why the prices are slightly high. It’s because we are not able to buy the products in bulk during this testing phase.

However, when you purchase an item from us, it puts people to work, so they can put the food on their tables. It creates jobs from printing and packaging to delivery. It’s very important in the current economic situation with unemployment rates being very high.

Support WHO

Last, but not least, when you buy an item from us, we will send 20% of the money you paid to the World Health Organization. We are doing it in hopes to speed up the recovery process from the pandemic.

So, you don’t just buy a t-shirt or a mug. You are taking part in helping everybody affected by the disease.

Thank You!

Finally, we wanted to say “THANK YOU!” for checking out our website and shopping here!

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